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May 2018 - "Église Saint-Louis" and "Gloria III," pen & ink drawings


Bronwen recently completed two drawings. The first depicts a Baroque masterpiece in the Marais district of Paris, Église Saint-Louis which was designed by two Jesuit architects and was the mother church of the Jesuits in France between 1641 and 1762. Bronwen has come to regard the church as her favorite, "home" church whenever she visits Paris. The second is inspired by several Renaissance-era and later, 19th-century depictions of angels.

Both of these drawings are available for purchase as high-quality, larger format Giclée print reproductions. If interested, please email Bronwen for more information or visit this page for several other works of art Bronwen is making available as Giclée prints.



10 Apr 2018 - University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO), Medieval & Renaissance Studies Lecture Series - "Apostles of Empire: Jesuits and Social Charity in Colonial New France"

This lecture, drawing from the fourth chapter of Dr. McShea's book, Apostles of Empire: The Jesuits and New France, which is soon to be forthcoming from the University of Nebraska Press, was supported by Humanities Nebraska and the Nebraska Cultural Endowment.For more about UNO's Medieval & Renaissance Studies program, click here. For more on the lecture itself, click here.



Sep 2017 - Book Manuscript Under Contract

McShea's first book manuscript, an historical monograph tentatively titled Apostles of Empire: The Jesuits and New France, is under contract for future publication by University of Nebraska Press, for the press's France Overseas series. Watch this space for further updates about the book. To see other scholars' published and forthcoming books in the same UNP series, please click here.



Jun 2017 - 1st Place Award from the Catholic Press Association of the US & Canada

A review symposium on John T. McGreevy's American Jesuits and the World (Princeton 2016), which appeared in American Catholic Studies last fall (see below), and which McShea co-authored with Peter McDonough, Liam Matthew Brockey, and Katie Oxx, with a response from McGreevy himself, has received 1st Place for Best Review at the Catholic Press Awards ceremony in Quebec City, sponsored by the Catholic Press Association of the United States & Canada. The award citation reads as follows: "This outstanding review symposium of John McGreevy's book not only recounts the struggles and triumphs of Jesuits, but also of the book. Reviewers question and praise the book in so much detail that studying and keeping the review will lead to a more thoughtful reading."



23 Mar 2017 - "Pope Francis as Historian," First Things,

"...As a Christian of the twenty-first century, I applaud and pray success for the Holy Father's continuation of efforts by Lutherans, Catholics, and others who profess Jesus Christ to strive toward reunion in a spirit of prayerfulness and truth. I share, too, in the pope's concerns that Christian evangelization should safeguard and strengthen the world's richly diverse cultures.... But as an historian...I wince at the pope's historical formulations..." For more, click here.



Lent/Easter 2017 - Pilgrim: A Journal of Catholic Experience

This season, the quarterly web journal that Bronwen McShea founded and edits features essays by Mary R. Finnegan, Fr. Christopher Roberts, and Jeffrey Essmann; short stories by Tom Minder and Tara Munjee; and poetry by Conor Hodges, Michael French, Gabriella Petrillo, Michael Angel Martin, and Philip C. Kolin. To see their work and more of Pilgrim's content, please visit



Fall 2016 - Review of John T. McGreevy's American Jesuits and the World (Princeton), in American Catholic Studies

"Nineteenth-century Jesuits -- easily caricatured for their exuberant neo-scholasticism, sentimental devotionalism, and ultramontanism -- are refreshingly humanized in this book's unexpected narrative. These same attributes, so in tension with cultural shifts in the post-revolutionary West, facilitated Jesuit resistance to extreme, ethnocentric forms of nationalism and fertilized new, transnational networks..." For more, click here ( or here (American Catholic Studies).



18 Aug 2016 - Paper presentation in Bruges, Belgium, "Not Quite a Saint: Historicizing Marie-Madeleine d'Aiguillon (1604-1675)"

Concluding a summer of research in Paris funded by a grant from the Western Society for French History, McShea presented a paper at the Sixteenth Century Society's annual meeting, on the theme "Not Quite a Saint: Historicizing Marie-Madeleine d’Aiguillon (1604-1675)." It was part of a panel, sponsored by the Society for the Study of Early Modern Women, on the theme "Writing Popular Histories of Early Modern Women: Opportunities and Challenges."



Fall 2015 - "Mater Dei," watercolor

Bronwen's painting (right) is inspired by a fresco (below) by Federico Zuccari (1542-1609). The fresco struck Bronwen with unusual force during a visit to Chiesa Sant'Ignazio in Rome. A bit hidden amidst the church's many sacred and artistic treasures, Zuccari's work depicts Mary the Mother of Christ at the moment of the angel's annunciation of the imminent Incarnation. Bronwen has added in the Holy Infant, with the Christmas season particularly in mind. To see more of Bronwen's artwork, click here.